PWS Weather



This site uses data from Personal Weather Stations found in the Weather Underground Network.  You can create an account with this site.


Desktop Site

This site is alright, good if you’re looking for a page that just shows weather data.  Click on the map tab to see all the stations in the area.  The Daily Summary area gives you access to previous weather history.  As of right now, it does not go very far back as I have just started uploading to this site.  I am looking at ways to upload my previous weather history to this site as my data goes back to 2008.

Click on the following link to go to my weather station dashboard:


Mobile App

Go to Apple Store or Google Play to download app.  This is a free app although there are adds at the bottom.

The app is pretty basic.  It gives you the weather stats for the day plus graphs for things like temperature, wind, etc.


Finding me

On the desktop go to the map.  Look for my station in Shaunavon. Click on dot.

On the app click on the gear and it will bring up settings.  Click on Find Stations Near Me.

Station name:  Grant’s Backyard




Not much for tips here.  This is a good place to go if you’re looking for current weather conditions.