This has to be one of the coolest apps out there.  This app is more for the map than for my weather station data.  It’s basically a map with arrows moving showing wind direction.  Then there is a colour background to indicate wind speed.  You can adjust at what height you want to see wind direction and speed.  You can adjust different layers that you want to see on the map.  Temperature and rainfall totals are just some of the layers available.  I’m not sure how accurate it is, but, the developer claims that the model used for the winds is very accurate.  You can get an account.  I believe its useful for saving settings depending on how you want to set things up.


Desktop Site

Go to

See below to find my station


Mobile App

Go to Apple Store or Google Play to download app.


Find Me

Under the search panel type: Grant’s Backyard.

It should show: Wx station: Grant’s Backyard

Station ID: f05b9561



When you’re looking at the wind map, you may notice it looks windy up on the Bench.  Just click or tap on a spot and it will show you @wind speed and other information.

There are lots of options available for the map layers.  There is also quite a few options under the setting tab.  There is a map legend at the bottom that shows a colour scale to indicate wind speed or other variables.

At the bottom you can adjust the timeline.  You can go from the current time to 9 days ahead.

My station shows up on the map as Grant’s Backyard.  Click on it to get weather details from my station.